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Saturday, August 27, 2011


I find dreams to be fascinating sources of amusement and knowledge.

Dreams can be joyful and empowering dreams (flying care-free over a fantastic landscape).
Dreams can be terrifying nightmares (fears from deep within us awoken and given form).
Dreams can be enlightening and even spiritual (finding insight from what you experience).
Dreams can be mundane... or comical, hehe.
Or completely NoN--sENsIcAL!

I write down my dreams as soon as I wake up and don't edit them. Enjoy the following dreams.


Someone, somewhere was talking about BattleStar Galactica. And dinosaurs (T-Rex). It was a comedy routine. It was as if I was floating in darkness listening to the comedian. Then I was driving a mini-van. I had to catch up with some people. Somehow I was driving it through a strange living room that was covered in snow. The mini-van crashed/got stuck on a couch. I couldn’t back it out.


This was an extremely action-packed dream. It was unique in the fact that it was a cartoon and based around Futurama. It started out on Earth fighting the Greek god Zeus, and I’m pretty sure I had a bunch of smash bros. characters on my team, I can remember Donkey Kong and Samus with us. We were fighting him (looked more like an armored/robot Zeus) and somehow somebody sent us to a space station in orbit that housed thousands of humanoid aliens. Zeus was somewhere in the middle of the space station destroying it, and I was on the top part. There I met up with Leela from Futurama and the pilots were ignoring us about stopping Zeus. They dumped us into a big track that people were rocking back and forth on to generate power for the ship (like the top of the space needle but actually in space). The space station started to fail and the track started spinning rapidly with people being thrown about and sucked to the walls like the gravitron ride at the fair. There were robots coming around with laser-wire things because they announced over the intercom that cellular mutation was occurring in the aliens due to system malfunctions (supposedly from Zeus destroying the station). Leela and I escaped from this in an elevator and got on the broadcast com to earth to warn them of our peril and request help. Then the station started to crash to earth. We were joined by Bender the robot from Futurama and we were outside on the station as it fell to Earth. There were chains flying by that we had to duck under limbo style and I grabbed Leela’s hand to save her. She eventually got knocked off, as did I, but as I did I was rescued by a beautiful girl on a hover-bike who wrapped her arms around me. We were falling to Earth on the hover bike until finally she figured out how to turn it on, saving us. Her name was princess. 

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